Progress Continues

Work is continuing at the club.  Progress is being made.  Haven't had time between work and club commitments to make any posts lately.  But here is where we stand and what is coming up.

The catwalks are nearly complete and the north and south walls of the ice room have been painted white.  There is a little more work to be done on the east catwalk, but after that the ice equipment install needs to be completed before the rest of the catwalks can be built.

The HVAC Contractors have made significant progress with the old A/C and heaters removed, the new heaters and ductwork up, and the Dehumidifier hung:

We ran into one challenge upon speaking with the fire marshal.  Specifically, we will need to add smoke detectors above the low-e ceiling (as well as below it) because the low-e ceiling does not go wall to wall.  This will cost us an additional $5k and will take another week to get completed.

We have the cables for the low-e ceiling mounted and are just waiting for the lights to arr…

The catwalks have begun!

Progress continues.

After the demolition last week, the new ADA Changing Room, Kitchen and Beer Cooler have been framed out.

And drywalling has begun.  Just one side so far until the final electrical inspection occurs which should be within the next week or so.

 Also, very importantly, the chiller successfully made the move over from the old club.

 On Saturday this weekend, a regular cadence of work at the facility has begun.  We are looking at working 3 days per week (Saturday 9 am - 3 pm, Monday nights 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm, and Wednesday nights 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm).

We have about 6 weeks to get the dehumidifier, heaters, duct sox, lights, low-e ceiling, ice room painting, catwalks and sealing of the pond completed before Jim Hibbard arrives mid-July for the ice mat installation.

Saturday's work

Andrew Nottingham continued the work of dusting the joists.  Andrew and Andy Downs have been working their way through the warehouse.  The goal is to reduce the possibility of dust getting on …

Demolition Day #2

After a detailed discussion with our resident construction expert and a discussion with members at the Annual Meeting, it was decided that we might be able to afford to re-build the existing rooms in the warm room if we eliminated the dropped ceiling (as we wouldn't have to do the ceiling or replace the heater and A/C that was in the warm room).

After getting a revised quote from the subcontractor doing the framing and drywall, the move forward on this initiative was approved as it will actually save us just under $5,000.

So, in order to get this work underway, we needed to demolish the structure that was already there. 

We quite foolishly thought that since it looked pretty rough that it was not well constructed.  Oh man!  Were we ever wrong.  The structures were, in fact, over built.

But first we needed to empty the rooms out.  It took some of us back to our Arena days with Phil Mussallem and Craig Fischer carrying 48 rocks two by two and putting them into the future men's c…

Our First Annual Meeting at the New Facility

On Tuesday, May 7th, the club held its first annual meeting at the new facility.

Construction is clearly still underway, but we were able to rig up some temporary lighting and a TV to hold the meeting.  We had 25+ people attend and we walked through the year in review, the club financials, the new facility and held board and officer elections.

Matt Hart and Craig Fischer were re-elected to the board and they switched officer positions with Craig Fischer becoming President of the Fort Wayne Curling Club again and Matt Hart moving to the Secretary role.  Congrats guys!

It was great to see the parking lot of the curling club heavily populated for the first time ever!